Covid-19 Safety Packs

Here at Horizon we are producing safety packs to help fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


  • Pull Up Banners

    • Banner to carry important customer information
    • Lightweight with an easily cleaned base
    • Folds down to carry case for easy transport

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  • Protection Struts

    • Each strut message can be changed to suit your business needs
    • 5mm Corrieboard material
    • Easy to assemble and place around the store

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  • Window Posters

    • Window posters to inform customers that steps have been taken in store to protect shoppers
    • Vinyl or paper posters provided in any size to suit the location
    • Artwork and message can change depending on what information is needed

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  • Sanitation Station

    • Modular unit which houses sanitation equipment and communicates Covid-19 information
    • The unit can be made to any size to suit different locations

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  • Bollard Covers

    • Bollard covers can be placed at the entrance to educate shoppers on the correct behaviour in-store

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  • Floor Vinyls

    • Floor vinyls with various communications for your premises
    • They can be placed to inform customers on social distancing and where to queue for the checkout

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  • Collection Points

    • Allows customers to purchase items directly outside the store
    • Customers pull up to a numbered bay where their order or order number is taken and a member of staff collects the desired item and completes sale with chip and pin device

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  • Toblerone / Shrouds

    • To give Covid-19 based informati on to customers as the enter / exit premises

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  • Staircase Vinyl Stickers

    • Vinyl strips can be placed in stairwells to inform of social distancing
    • Design and messages can be changed to suit your needs

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  • Shopping Baskets

    • Handles that can be easily applied to shopping baskets to alert and inform customers

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  • Shopping Trolly Signs

    • Signs that can be easily applied to shopping trollies that can assist with hygiene and alert customers

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  • PPE Face Shields

    • Full face shield designed to provide protection from fluid and splashes
    • Clear visor to provide optimal visibility with clearance for prescription eyewear
    • Foam headband insert to improve comfort and fit for the user

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  • Foot Pump Station

    • Crafted from rigid stainless steel
    • Offers a sturdy and rigid unit with a refillable 7 litre tank
    • Dual-action, alcohol-free hand and surface sanitiser
    • Scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

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  • Key Worker Car Vinyls

    • Car window stickers to be given to key workers. These can be tailored to any key worker sector

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  • Chip and Pin Cladding

    • A chip and pin cladding which encourages shoppers to use contactless pay to avoid touching the device

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  • Clear Pull Up Divider

    • Clear PVC Divider for use in offi ces, restaurants, pubs etc.
    • Lightweight with an easily cleaned base
    • Folds down to carry case for easy transport
    • Please contact us for available sizes

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  • Counter Screen

    • Clear, modular, PVC screen that can be placed on countertops, desks and tills via adhesive pads on feet
    • Can be made to any size to suit specific needs

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  • Temporary Work From Home Stations

    • Easy to assemble, lightweight workstations made from corrugated cardboard and flatpacked

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  • Stencils

    • Stencils for use as outdoor social distancing messaging
    • Can either be jet-washed or sprayed with semi-permanent chalk

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Messages and sizes can be produced to suit your business needs.

*All Materials subject to availability


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