The best retail displays from around the world.

Shop displays are truly an art-form and the unique styles in the international marketplace is fascinating to see. This month we had the pleasure of looking at all the amazing work done at the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project, London. Now in it’s 5th year it “twins exceptional RIBA architects with flagship retailers to create stunning architectural installations in the windows of shops”. Needless to say they’ve done well in this month’s list.

Number 5 – Lafayette windows 2014 Summer, Paris

These windows focus on the energy of nature to create a striking image. You can sense the power of the brand radiating out.

Lafayette windows 2014 Summer

Lafayette windows 2014 Summer
Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

Number 4 – Jack Spade with Mobile Studio, RIBA Windows, London

Our first choice from the RIBA project is a fun interactive window that’s influenced by Jack Spade’s iconic New York Heritage and its integration with Londoners life. Creating a ‘city within a city’ it’s reminiscent of the enthralling Christmas windows that have fascinated children for generations.

Jack Spade with Mobile Studio, RIBA Windows

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Images courtesy of Mobile Studio Architects

Number 3 – Brooks Brothers with Squire and Partners, RIBA Windows, London

Award-winning architectural practice Squire and Partners were teamed up with the oldest American apparel brand Brooks Brothers for this stunning window installation. Taking inspiration from the brand’s iconic Golden Fleece, it’s made up of over eight hundred sheep suspended on golden threads.

RIBA Regent St Windows by Squire and Partners

RIBA Regent St Windows by Squire and Partners
Images courtesy of Archi Scene

Number 2 – Moschino Fall/Winter 2014 collection, La Rinascente in Milan

Moschino is making quite a name for itself in its daring window displays. This is one of our favourites where they brought together budget fast food with high fashion during Milano Fashion Week 2014.

 La Rinascente in Milan showcasing Moschino Fall/Winter 2014

 La Rinascente in Milan showcasing Moschino Fall/Winter 2014
Images courtesy of Moschino

Number 1 – Sybarite Architects with retailer GANT, RIBA Windows, London

Really outstanding work from this years Regent Street displays. Here, Sybarite Architects have been inspired by GANT’s rich New Haven history. It represents an human figure emerging from the hull of a boat, although clearly it can be seen to have other connotations as well. Designed from special heavy duty corrugated cardboard we picked this one as the winner because of the simplicity of the material versus the passion in the message.

Sybarite Architects with retailer GANT, RIBA Project

Sybarite Architects with retailer GANT, RIBA Project
Images courtesy of Sybarite Architects

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