Our favourite outdoor advertising from around the globe

Every month we give you what we feel are the best examples of creative outdoor advertisements. Partly because we love looking at all the wonderful work going on in the world but also to give us all inspiration for future jobs. This month is no exception in the amount of talent we have uncovered.

Number 5 – Google App, NYC

While not anything technically unique we love this outdoor campaign because of its clever use of site-specific audience targeting. The creative agency 72andSunny manages to perfectly capture Google App’s positing.

Google nyc campaign

Google nyc campaign
Images courtesy of L├╝rzer’s Archive

Number 4 – Toyota AYGO Crazy, Germany

The clever people at Saatchi & Saatchi came up with an entertaining way to to represent the rebellious side of their ‘Go Fun Yourself’ Campaign. While this is more a film for viral purposes. the car did go around spraying the town and the reactions are very real as you might imagine!

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Number 3 – Paralen: The Head Pinch, Norway

Part of a multi-media campaign Paralen’s creative agency Prodigious Norge designed this inventive billboard that’s caused quite a stir. We just love how it says everything in one simple image.

Paralen: The Head Pinch
Image courtesy of Ads of The World

Number 2 – Kit Kat Have A Br Have A, London

Kit Kat ‘have a break…’ campaign gets continuously re-invented in brilliant new ways and this one by JWT excels once again. It’s how they deliver such a clever message through such simple artwork that wins it for us.

kit kat have a br billboard
Image courtesy of Gute Werbung

Number 1 – Woman’s Aid “If you can see it, you can change it”, Germany

This just won The Ocean Outdoor Digital Competition and definitely wins our vote. This interactive billboard is designed by WCRS. What’s wonderful is that it contained facial recognition that could tell how many people were looking at the billboard. The more people who looked the less abused was the woman in the image. Therefore paying attention = change. So incredibly clever.

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