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We always get excited when we see something new and special in advertising. We’ve sorted through all of the last month’s outdoor advertisements and picked our absolute fav. All the below have cost the brands slightly extra but the end result seems so worth it! Lovin’ it!

Number 5 – McReward

McDonalds have big spends and the best creative minds behind their campaigns and this one is no exception. DDB in Stockholm created this ‘trash bag billboards’ to promote a recycling initiative that allowed customers to exchange 40 cans for a Big Mac. So clever!

mcdonalds billboards

Number 4 – Corona Sun Beam

Canada can be a bit like Ireland when it comes to lack of any sign of the phantom sun and this gave Corona a smart idea for their latest activation. Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo used a giant reflector screen affixed to a crane to shine a sun beam onto a shady beer garden. Sure to bring a smile to peoples faces!

corona sun beam

corona sun beam

Number 3 – KLM Live High Five

To celebrate their first transatlantic flight from Amsterdam to New York KLM installed two digital screen installations, with a live video and sound link. One in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the other in New York, with the Flatiron Building as a backdrop. “A window on two worlds” which gave people the chance of winning a free ticket if they connected across the world with the universally recognised success sign of a high five.
This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

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Number 2 – Ikea Rock-Climbing Apartment Billboard

To herald the opening of it’s 30th store in France, Ikea tipped an apartment on its side, and made a rock climbing installation out of it. From the creative heads at Ubi Bene the nine meter tall wall was too tempting for passersby not to take a ramble on!

ikea wall billboard

ikea wall billboard

Mr Kipling – Life is better with cake

This is the first time i’ve seen an edible billboard (although please let me know if more are out there!) and my belly approves :-). JWT London arranged 13,360 individual Mr Kipling cakes in a delicious display of imagination in Westfield London. yummmm, life definitely is better with cake!

mr kipling edible billboard

mr kipling edible billboard

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