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lego special build billboard

Special Build Billboard for Lego

96 Sheet Special Build Billboard! How amazing is this special build Lego movie billboard that we printed for Colin Doyle in Eclipse Media! We love how the tail sweeps off the top of it. Incredible stuff!!

lenticular bus outdoor t-side

Lenticulars for Bus Outdoor Advertising

Spectacular T-Side Bus Lenticulars for Dale Farm Have a look at these lenticulars we were commissioned by Exterion Media Northern Ireland to produce for the re-launch of Dale Farms childhood favourite iced lolly, Rocky Rasper!! Using cutting edge lenticular print technology allows the brand to...

Amazing Premier Box Billboards

Billboards that have incredible image quality and impact Working alongside outdoor advertising specialists JCDecaux, we printed and installed these premier site OOH billboards throughout Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast. Even though we knew from the start they were something special, the brilliance of them continues...

lenticular adshel

Lenticular 6 Sheet Adshel for Tiger Beer

Moving with the times with Lenticulars! Have you seen the quality of the new lenticulars we’ve been producing recently? As with all technology, Lenticulars are moving forward in leaps and bounds and now make an incredible impression on consumers. So if the last time you...

3 Mobile Backlit Skin Duratran

3 Mobile’s Backlit PVC Skins Light the Way

Shining Backlit PVC Skins in Dublin Airport’s Skybridge! We were commissioned by the out-of-home specialists PML to print and install these amazing duratrans in Dublin Airport’s Departures Skybridge. We love them! The display is uber eye-catching, and suits the walkway’s aesthetics perfectly.


International Outdoor Advertising News and Views May-June 2014

Outdoor electioneering taken to whole new heights So unless you’ve had your head in a bucket for the last few weeks you’ll have seen quite a lot of election posters around vying for your attention. Personally our favourite poster had to be the underdog Edvard...

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