Christmas is a time for giving, and even better, a time for creating!

We wanted to print something thoughtful, something that would be treasured in the family home and give people that little glow inside that is so magical about Christmas.

Like all our good ideas we started out with research. We looked at what’s out there and selected what we liked, and even harder, why we liked it.


Once the team were all on the same page with what we liked then it was time to start designing. We had to look at materials and time factors; we had a lot of these babies to make and Christmas is one of the busiest times for us so we needed to keep labour times realistic. That’s when you know you’re working with good designers – they produce something great which is also simple to execute! Check out Kevin’s keylines below.


Our graphic designer Nick comes up with some concepts. We, in marketing, fell in love with all of them, but he said we could only select two :-/ To say the decision was hard is an understatement but we chose a pure white one and the multi-coloured patterned one. The white on wood is a special process that we can do because of our high-tech Jeti Titan printing press, and we adore how it looks!


Then it was time for our print samples. We wanted to use high quality wood so that the wood become part of the design. When we printed on it however we were disappointed with the results and ended up using MDF as it looked the best. Sometimes the simplest materials really work the best!


Next it was time to send it down to our print managers on the Jeti printer where they carefully set it up for the white to print correctly. It’s an expert job that required careful planning. We only had the exact amount of required MDF in stock so it had to print right first time – no pressure lads!


And success! The baubles are being printed and they look amazing. Yay so exciting 🙂


From printing we sent it up to the Konsberg for cutting. They didn’t come out with the smooth finish we needed so they were carefully sanded down one by one.


After all that we still needed to put the finishing touch of the Christmas ribbon to make it look truly special. Lots & lots of ribbon was involved. We even brought it home and made them up listening to Christmas music in front of a winter fire. It finally felt like Christmas!


And here you go folks – the finished baubles. They went down a storm! We had so much fun making them it’s great that people now get to enjoy them for Christmas!


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