The beauty of digital printing is that short runs are comparatively cheap to other types of print presses because there are minimal set-up costs. This opens up the world of using creative substrates that are slightly more expensive than the bog standard norm but are so much more intriguing to the end user.
In an environment where the average person in a city sees thousands of advertising messages each day, I’m a big fan of making print campaigns as memorable and unique as possible. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using different materials, below are a few I’ve come across recently.

Lino printing

Linoleum (lino) is something we’re all used to on our floors, and a material a lot of us have negative feelings towards. There’s a sense of needs must, and it does the job. It surely has no place in a beautiful display that has been thoughtfully planned and executed right? Well actually a high quality printer and a good creative team can quickly and cost-effectively transform the floor space they’re using from an area that is ignored, to an integral part of the design brief.
We recently printed an expensive hardwood floor for one of our clients. They were going for a rustic theme and the existing floor wasn’t working. With some clever artwork and a bit of knowhow the lino finished off the setup perfectly.

mirror board printing

Mirror board is an undiscovered wonder that I think we’ll see a lot more of in the future. It’s affordably and essentially has all the reflective qualities of a mirror with none of the problems of health and safety concerns. Ideal for pubs, shop floors, kids venues, the beneficial uses are limitless.
Even better good printers can treat it as any other substrate. Printing photo-quality artwork, die-cutting it to any shape imaginable, and installing it expertly to the required space.
As samples we created a range of fun mirrors and stuck them onto luxurious vintage gold foamex frames. So easy to do and looks amazing! Since then we’ve used them in various point of sale displays with great results.

Custom Kote Kraft Paperboard printing

The boutique designer in me absolutely loves brown Kraft stock and I’m constantly imagining a million ways it could be used in a campaign. We currently use Kraftpak, Frövi Board, and Custom Kote as they’re readily available at affordable quantities and prices. They come in varying weights on beautiful rich brown paperboard with great texture so that they feel as good as they look.
The Frövi Board and Custom Kote we use have the brown cardboard on one side and matt white on the other. This is particularly useful when you want certain artwork to show up in bright colours but still wish for that quality craft effect.
This Christmas we treated our clients to luxurious calendars, cards, and wine within bespoke packaging all made from paperboard weights fit for purpose. They went down an absolute treat and we are still receiving warm praise for the print and design of them.

Whichever style the marketing team is going for there’s always some clever creative substrate that is just waiting to be used in an inventive and goal orientate fashion. Sometimes it just needs the extra knowledge and experience that expert printers can offer to bring out the best in the campaign.

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