The Global Retail Trends Report

GDR Creative Intelligence issued their latest info on global retail advertising trends and it’s key message is make it personal. They say initiate conversations with customers and treat them as individuals, with an astounding “78% more likely to be interested in building a relationship with a brand or retailer if what they provide is personalised (Hanley-Wood Business Media)”.

global retail trends

Here’s a few highlighted examples of companies that are doing this right.


“The chocolate bar with 6000 excuses”

When Denmark increased sugar prices it resulted in a decrease in retail sales for the confectionary brand. Their clever customer engagement campaign, however, rose sales by 24% and resulted in more than 2.3 million free media impressions in a country of less than 5.5 million inhabitants.
Consumers were allowed to print free stickers with their chosen excuses and share their customised chocolate bars on social media to win a prize. Not only was it a great idea for engagement but the company got invaluable insight into why they customers were buying their product. Double whammy.

Lonely Planet

“Share Your Travel Story”

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet built a campaign around its customers’ travel stories using in-store displays, billboards, guidebooks and digital marketing, resulting in a 29% increase in sales. Their customers could enter their story for a prize of $10,000, and their chances of winning was increased by the amount of social medial likes and shares they got. A perfect example of utilising your consumers as brand ambassadors.

Baires Shopping

“Celebrate its Individual Customers”

Baires Shopping

This shopping centre in Buenos Aires decided it was done with fake mannequins and would model them on their customers – literally! Over 1000 customers submitted their photos with Facebook fans voting for the 50 people they would like to see modelling their clothes. The campaign raised the profile of the retail centre and gave a sense of commitment to the average consumer that doesn’t go unnoticed.

This is based on a report which was created exclusively for POPAI members by GDR Creative Intelligence

World Cup crazy! Retail Displays have gone all out for this one.

So while we’ve all been enjoying the sun, some of us have wished it was a little bit less sunny so that they could justify being inside watching a bit of footy, some pubs know just what to say though πŸ™‚ (thanks to @Brilliant_Ads)

pub signs

So lets do a round up of some of the best world cup point of sale displays seen on twitter. Pretty fantastic stuff out there.

This Coca-Cola display in Asda Bedminster is surely worth a look. Gloriously patriotic πŸ˜‰ (thanks to @itsdjbazza)

World cup retail display Asda

While this other Coke display in Tesco just says it all really. (thanks to @tr_howard)

World cup retail display Tesco

This supermarket in Turkey is playing the filed and mixing up the product. Coke versus Pringles, think i might back the one with caffeine in it πŸ™‚ (thanks to ‏@McMahonEwan)

retail displays

While these Tesco windows in Birmingham is our favourite. Catching the consumers on the street and drawing them in. Fantastic!

Birmingham Metro – Windows

Retail Inspiration from India

We love us a bit of cultural style and this Ed Hardy retail fashion store in Bangalore is a shining example. Inspired by the founders love of body art, its checkered floor clashes with the tiger printed graphics in a wonderful burst of expression.




Visual merchandising at its best. Now we know why some people get paid the big bucks πŸ™‚

More pics can be found at The Retail Design Blog

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