Outdoor electioneering taken to whole new heights

So unless you’ve had your head in a bucket for the last few weeks you’ll have seen quite a lot of election posters around vying for your attention. Personally our favourite poster had to be the underdog Edvard Hund as tweeted about by one of his many admirers…..

… but this got us thinking about what other campaigns posters are currently causing a stir for not following the usual well-worn path.


The first one that caught our interest was Toronto’s ‘Anti-Mayor Campaign’. You may have been fairly entertained with Toronto’s Mayor Tom Ford’s public controversies which have made him internationally famous. Now in a no less bizarre twist his opponents have taken to the streets with outdoor advertising that promises candidates that will only get publicly drunk and will not get caught urinating in public. Hmmmm…

anti mayor outdoor advertising
anti mayor outdoor advertising

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Another one that has caused questions to arise is the recent eyebrow raising UK outdoor advertising campaign by UKIP. One billboard states “26 million people in Europe are looking for work. Whose jobs are they after?”

The debate raged on with UK’s Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said the posters are “based on false claims and fear” while UKIP leader Nigel Farage said they’re “a hard-hitting reflection of reality”. (And according to YouGov polling a majority of the public agree with Farage’s statement.)

We’d say one positive to be taken from them posters is that they surely give you a good insight into what the UKIP are all about!

outdoor billboards


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A few outdoor advertising campaigns from around the world that are breaking the mould

It’s always fascinating how brands continuously re-invent themselves and come up with simple yet clever print ideas. Take the recent campaign of McDonalds in Paris for example. They’re taking the new trend for ‘flat design’ to a whole new level and their resulting posters are striking as a result.



Oh McDonalds you really are so clever in your advertising! Personally we LOVE them.

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But you don’t need to be a massive brand to do clever campaigns. Another one that stands out to us is these posters that were put up around New York City. Created by the talented Havas Worldwide agency for a Rodent control company D-CON, these missing mice posters were sure to tickle peoples fancy!

missing poster

missing mouse poster

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Some current outdoor advertising digital campaigns that are a thrill to play with

As you may know we have our interactive campaigns by which we engage audiences so it’s always interesting to us to look at what other clever ideas are out there!

One of our favourites is this one by a German agency called Kolle-Rebe which encourages people to donate to charitable organisation Misereor. The ‘Social Swipe’ interactive poster is sure to get people’s attention. You can also donate right there right then by swiping your credit card. Well that’s all the hard parts done. So Clever!

social swipe posters

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Another absolute gem is the Duracell adshel campaign in Canada which give their audience some ‘Moments of Warmth’ (and we’ve all heard how cold Canada can get!). Maybe not the cheapest of ideas but what interaction with your audience.

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Lastly who doesn’t love a bit of street DJing! Becks created these interactive posters in New Zealand which they say is the worlds first playable posters. They played and remixed music when touched and fed into their larger social media campaign. Pretty damn cool.

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Outdoor advertising international spends set to rise

outdoor advertising

The recession truly seems to be receding and global outdoor spends were up 5.1% last year according to Nielson. Which is a welcome boost to many after such a long time of restricted budgets.

ZenithOptimedia put forward three reasons that this may be happening. First the sheer volume of commercial ad space that is available is increasing such as buildings, transit systems, and airports. Second out of home has become more flexible a medium with new technology. Lastly that digital billboards have made it easy to swap creatives.

It’s also been noted that part of the reason Outdoor advertising is doing so well is that people are spending more and more time with the medium, therefore allowing for additional exposure. A report from Borrell Associates, the ad tracking firm in Williamsburg, Va., forecasts that time spent with OOH media will grow by 10.6 percent from 2008 to 2018.

More on this story can be found from Outdoor Advertising Association of Amercia

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