How do you make a Sweetzza?

So guys, Easter was on it’s way and we wanted to test our creative abilities again. After the success of our Halloween promotion that is now up for three awards in the An Post Smart Marketing Awards, one of them Smartest Art Direction up against the likes of Target McConnells GUINNESSPlus Campaign for Diageo Ireland, we really felt that to match that we had our work cut out for us!

However we put our nerves behind us and started the creative process. First of all we worked out what had people enjoyed so much in the Halloween Campaign. Being bang on trend with Love/Hate, complete campaign integration, brilliant print, and creating something no-one had ever seen before, all played a part.

Then we thought about what what would be the Single Minded Preposition of this campaign. Many ideas came and went but something happened as we were brainstorming that changed our plans completely. And that something is called Ellen DeGeneres. With her more than 2.3 million Oscar Selfie Retweets and the hilarious idea of giving Oscar stars pizza to munch on we knew our idea had arrived :).

With an idea that had caught our team’s attention next we had to work out how we wanted to bring it to life with our unique style. We played with the idea of having a selfie of famous cartoon caricatures but felt we might as well book our seat in the courts now 😉
We also thought about sending fresh pizza and even contacted companies like with the idea but we didn’t fancy the lack of control we’d have over it plus Easter means sweets!

We finally decided on doing a caricature mirror of the selfie using Famous Irish people. The amazing Steve Mulreany who is a favourite of the Irish Press, came on board to do the selfie. Then we found incredible pizzas made of sweets that would work perfectly for the project and we were sorted.

The Selfie Steve did for us in all its glory! We were so happy with it and it fulfilled our wildest expectations.

Once we had the basics sorted it was on to our talented marketing, structural, & graphic design team to bring the piece together. We’d know when we hit the jackpot but playing with all our different options was the key to making sure we got the best results.
Should it pop-up on top of the box? What Colours should we go for, traditional american pizza style or try something different?

Then it was signing off on the final pdfs and down to print. Always the time you worry most about every decision you’ve made 🙂

On to printing, cutting, finishing, packing and posting. Since we have to make sure client jobs come first, its always a juggling act to get our own campaign work done in a way that does not disturb the everyday running of the place.

And here is the final photos of the Sweetzza. We were so happy with the result!

AND from our competition to win a wonderful 2 night B&B for two people plus a bottle of bubbly and chocolates in the amazing Waterford Castle and Golf Resort here’s the top five selfie tweets plus the overall winner Horseware Ireland.





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