Horizon Halloween Promotion

We did a Halloween Direct Mail campaign for current and potential clients. On the mail we sent out to them we said “each one was hand prepared with much love and attention” and boy we weren’t lying! Because we’re a specialist print and design company we wanted to do most of it in-house and let our team get their hands on it. We kept a photo log of the journey so you guys can see how companies go about creating a great piece of DM, enjoy! 🙂

Every good creative idea starts out with a mood board or collage of images and concepts that lets the team understand what direction to go. It’s about research research research and identifying what works and why.

Love/hate gift box mood board

The next stage is sourcing the materials and playing with ideas. We got Niall O’Loughlin on board who loved the idea and offered to pitch in when needed. We played with the concept of doing it in wood and we found amazing fingers from the UK.

Love/Hate case study trials

Our talented structural designer Kevin gets his hands on it – yes this is why this cannot be tried at home 🙂

Love/Hate case study structural design

And then we get our first proper white sample – it was an exciting day 🙂 We’d specially ordered in cardboard that was a beautiful textured brown on both sides and we all agreed it looked amazing! We left the caricature white on one side so that the print would show up vividly.

Love/Hate white sample

Once we got the structural design of the box decided on it was on to the marketing and graphics team. Marketing inspiration scribbles became professional design drawings by our incredible designer Nick and dubs from the team were roped in to give the wording an authentic flavour

Love/hate graphics are added

Now the real work started – hours and hours of carefully putting together each individual box. Turns out it was quite a complicated design that needed a lot of care and attention – who would have guessed!

Love/hate box is put together

And here are the final images – we were absolutely delighted with the result and so were our clients! We had such incredible feedback from it! Some of the best are included below 🙂

Love/hate front cover

love/hate slightly open

Love/hate more open Love/hate completely open Love/hate client feedback

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