Are you ready to take the next step in direct mail marketing?

Creative and well planned direct mails have been our passion for the last couple of years. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve won 2 awards so far this year for our work (FESPA 2014 & An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2014).
Using our skills in print and point of sale design we’ve worked with clients to produce daring campaigns that have achieved amazing results.

We’ve done case studies on the process from start to finish and we’re overwhelmed by the positive reception received.

Horizon Halloween Promotion

Often when we think about direct mail campaigns we think about the reams of consumer marketing mails that come into our households throughout the year. While they fulfil their purpose they don’t instantly conjure up thoughts of innovation and boundary pushing designs.

In targeted B2B marketing the world of direct mail is suddenly opened up. No longer do you have to be constrained by designs that can be produced in mass quantities with low unit costs. We can do smaller quantities of high-impact designs that cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression of quality and creativity with your clients.

One of our favourite recently was this amazing Pick N Mix unit we did for RTE Media Sale’s New Season Launch to the top media agencies in Ireland. 20 top quality units that caused a furore on social media

RTE unit
RTE One New Season Launch

And of course throughout the year we’ve been attracting new clients and thanking current ones with a number of inventive pieces.

Horizon Sweetzza
Easter Sweetzza

horizon pet store
Pet Store Promotion

So do you want your next direct marketing campaign to be outstanding? Get in contact to get started!

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