Here’s our top five inspiring international Outdoor print campaigns

Every month we hope to bring you our pick of the cream of the crop of recent out of home print. We’ll be looking far and wide for what impassions us the most.

1 – Jardiland Garden Centre / Pet Centre: Dog Fat Pants, Bulldog

Jardiland Garden Centre

Produced in Paris by the advertising agency Rosapark, this very simple print ad, with no text except for the product label, is the epitome of clever design. Engages the view, makes you smile, and tells a story – c’est fantastique!

2 – Volkswagen Polo GTI: Soccer, Dinner, College

volkswagen polo gti soccer print
volkswagen polo gti dinner print
volkswagen polo gti college print

Another expert execution by advertising agency DDB in Mexico. This campaign relates to all of us who have wished we could be teleported to our destination without the dreaded traffic jammed journey. Again they let the artwork speak for itself and just have a simple product name and logo attached to it.


Gay TM

During the recent Mardi Gras festival in Sydney the Bank ANZ commissioned artists to transform their atms in support of the LGBT community. It’s a perfect example of how things that we use everyday can be developed from run-of-the-mill design, that we don’t give a second thought about, into engaging outdoor displays that gets international attention.

4 – Penguin Books Print Ads

penguin books giant

penguin books lollipops

These print ads designed by advertising agency Y&R in Brazil are a perfect example of taking inspiration from the brand. Penguin’s simple front covers are legendary at this stage and they draw on this in their print campaign to make the message full of impact. Since they are a publisher brand they allow the text to take centre stage which lets your imagination do the rest.

5 – Look Good Feel Better #WarPaint4Life

look good feel better war paint 4 life

ook good feel better war paint 4 life

To celebrate their 20th anniversary the UK cancer support charity launched their biggest print campaign ever. It was created outside of work hours and free of charge by the talented 7after6, a collective of seven women, all working within the advertising industry, who share a passion to “to create great work for the even greater good”. Bold and striking just like they want every woman in that situation to be!

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