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We’re all excited about the fancy new Contra Vision materials we’ve just started printing on

Yes we’re proper nerds when it comes to print!

Contravision 30% example
For you out there not aware of what contra vision is, it’s a one way perforated film designed to be printed on one side and ‘see through’ from the other. Its great for printing on vehicles, shop widow signage etc. See how amazing it looks at 30% transparency above. The transparency of the print is determined by the size of the holes in the vinyl material it’s printed on so there’s a choice depending on what look we’re going for.

Well the problem with traditional contra vision is that has to be printed on the side of the glass that we want the message to be displayed. So for window signage it often ends up printed on the side of the footpaths. Now we’re not saying we don’t trust our fellow citizens….errr… but its very hard not to want to pick at the material just to see how it will pull off if we give it a good tug. Come on we’ve all done that 😉

One of the amazing things about this new ContraVision® Perforated Windows Film range is that we can print it on the inside of the window, and still have the message displaying out to passerbys. Thereby allowing the advertiser to keep an eye on how it’s treated, and keeping it away from the general wear and tear of wind and rain.

Contravision Sprint

We can also print on both sides of the material so its possible to have different messages displayed on either side of it. Pretty hard to be more efficient than that!

Another great thing is that we can now print contra vision images that can be repositioned and even taken off completely to store for future occasions. It’s made for reuse and you don’t need to be an expert to put it back up. Not only that but there’s also a technology called Grayliner™ that allows us to give a realistic impression of how the graphics will appear before they are applied – how cool is that!

Contravision sprint

We don’t like to brag – well maybe a little! But our swanky Agfa :Jeti Titan machine is probably the best suited machine for printing on this new contra vision. So we may be your only hope against those idle pedestrians… 🙂

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