Die-cutting is a process by which by which material is cut into specific shapes, usually by high-tech cutting tables such as a platen or digital Kongsberg. It can be decorative or functional and can quickly transform a common design into a unique display.

Anyone involved in point of sale print will be well aware of its benefits and limitations, as it’s a common part of the creative process. What’s interesting though is how often its ignored in other areas of print advertising.

I’ve come across two examples recently when it elevated familiar jobs into striking displays that drew immediate attention.

Loved by marketers all over the world, a pop-up display banner (also know as a pull-up) is a regular feature at all types of events such as exhibitions and trade shows. It’s one of the easiest and most portable ways to elevate an amateur pitch into a branded display. It’s become such a brilliantly functional extra that the concept is rarely re-invented, the regular rectangle design being the norm throughout the industry.

Pull-up banner

However we recently supplied Publicis Dublin a special pop-up banner for their client Forxiga, who sell medication for diabetes. Within their branding they use a strong visual of a water tap coming out of a sugar pot, and they decided to employ pop-up banners to bring this message home. Once printed and cut to shape, the natural slight rounded effect of the material on the poles gave a strong 3D impression. The concept was fairly simple yet immediately elevated the display.

Another popular use of a banner is as a prop during press shoots. It gets the message out there in a quick and professional manner. But we all know that the better the shot the more likely it’s going to gain a bit of virility through press and social media. Doing a bespoke shape can immediately draw the attention desired.


Lifestyle Sports are never short of clever ideas when they’re getting their name out there. This banner prop that we supplied to them through their agency Atomic is a perfect example of this. To celebrate the launch of the new Connacht Rugby 2014/15 jersey the team was out in force. We printed a massive 6×6 meter sized jersey in banner material and die-cut it to shape to give maximum impact.

While die-cutting is nothing new, the ways in which it can be used are ever evolving. The technology is getting better and the sheet size is getting bigger.

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