Lenticular is almost here folks! Our team has being trained and we’ve already produced some amazing demo pieces. Now we just need to finalise some last minute details and we’ll be ready to produce the biggest and best lenticular printing that you’ve ever seen in advertisement!

Lenticular Winking Man

Horizon’s Lenticular Winking Man

Lenticular is ready to be reinvented! The ability to produce printed images with the illusion of depth and movement has long been around but the technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds recently.
Lenticular prints are printed on transparent material with lenses. By using wide or narrow angle lensens different effects can be obtained: 3D, flip-flop. Animation, morphologic changes, zoom-in.

Imagine the cost saving and story telling that can be done by having two images in the same space. Stop window shoppers in their tracks and engage them in a way they’ve never conceived of before! Create an element of magic around your product and show them that you’re something new and something different!

Horizon are the only company in Ireland who have the world class Agfa :Jeti 3020 Titan machine that allows for this type of quality and size in lenticular advertising!

Give us a shout and find out how Lenticular advertising will work for your campaign.

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Email: hi@horizondigitalprint.com

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