Window, Wall, and Floor Graphics

Businesses can be transformed with some well designed vinyls. Whether it’s achieving an effective path to purchase, or ensuring the right brand environment, it’s amazing how simple and cost effective applied graphics can be.

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Window, Wall, and Floor Graphics Guide

All our vinyls can be printed and applied in a large range of sizes, shapes, finishes, and required application requirements, however there are a few suggestions below

What options do you have

  • Decals – Come with adhesion on the back and can be slightly repositioned on installation
  • Stickers – Come with adhesion on the back but cannot be repositioned on installation
  • Static Clings – Do not come with adhesion on the back as they use static charge between window and sticker, easily applied and repositioned
  • Outside fixed or Inside fixed – Installed on the outside of the building or inside the building


Suggest a material and we’ll look into it for you! Here are some of the most common

  • Clear Window Decal – The graphic is the only portion that is printed or cut. The rest of the area of the sign is see-through.
  • Opaque Decal or Static Cling – The graphic is the only portion that is printed or cut. The rest of the area of the sign is either filled with an opaque colour or frosted film
  • Stafix® – Similar to Clings that use a static charge for easy application and repositioning, Stafix is especially good for use on Marble, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Brick, Drywall & Stone.
  • Perforated Decals – A material know as contravision which has lots of little holes that let through the light. The graphic is visible on one side but not the other. It allows visibility from the side which does not have the graphic on it.
  • ContraVision® Perforated Windows Film – Allows for inside fix while message still displaying outside, allows for double-sided printing, and can be reposition.


We like to help you have an eye-catching display. Here are a few suggestions for which cut you might like

  • Die-Cut Vinyl or Vinyl Lettering – Where each layer of graphics or individual letters are cut out and applied separately.
  • Halo Cut – A thin boarder is left around the artwork.
  • Contour Cut – The artwork is cut exactly on the perimeter of the artwork leaving no boarder.

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