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Introducing Stafix®, reaching new surfaces without glue!

stafix without glue

We’re always looking for new ways to allow our clients to get their print message out in a quick, easy, and affordable fashion.

Our latest love is a material called Stafix®. It’s a sticker which uses a static charge, stored in microscopic air bubbles inside the film, which allows it to stick on virtually any surface.

Glass, Marble, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Brick, Drywall & Stone are now easy to stick onto and the stickers will last on average for three months. During this time you can easily reposition the stickers, although the less times they’re moved the longer they last.
It even sticks on the side of the artwork so that you can have the image looking out through the window. Pretty impressive!

starfix sticking on the outsi

We adore it as it’s really easy to place with very little care needed, and it does not leave any residues on the surface so no cleaning and no damage to the surface. Now that’s what we call a plan!

A list of Stafix features include:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Sticks on both sides/li>
  • Bubble free
  • No glue
  • Ease of use
  • Temperature resistant – can be used in direct sunlight or in subzero temperature
  • Writable – Write and Erase with a whiteboard marker or write with a pen

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