In-store Theatre

The king of Point of Sale is In-Store Theatre. That eye-catching display in the prime retail real-estate spots that draw everyone’s attention and generate wonderful word-of-mouth. Since gaining those areas from the retailer doesn’t come cheap, it’s absolutely essential that maximum exposure and sales are achieved. We’ve worked with top brands and project management teams in bringing their dream alive.

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In-Store Theatre Guide

By it’s very nature, all our in-store theatre is custom designed for the brand requirements, however there are a range of common industry designs

What options do you have

  • Aisle Arches
  • Aisle Ends
  • Wobblers
  • Shelf Dividers
  • Floor Graphics
  • Display Boards
  • FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Stands)


Suggest a material and we’ll look into it for you! Here are some of the most common

  • Foamcore 5 & 10mm
  • FSC Mix E, EB, & B Flute (Corrugated Cardboard)
  • Display Boards
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • Paper / Cardboard – 90gsm – 400gsm
  • PVC 200-700mic
  • Banner Material
  • Foamex White and Black 3, 5, 10, & 19mm
  • MDF 6, 10, & 18mm


We like to help you have an eye-catching display. Here are a few suggestions

  • Die-Cut 3D attached designs
  • Mix and match the materials
  • LED lights
  • Sensory elements – Scents and Sounds
  • In-door Bunting
  • Include a special build

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